About Unixgames

The goal of unixgames.org is too create a information center for
UNIX Games which promotes the use of gaming on the UNIX platform

unixgames.org shall do the following things:

  • Review UNIX Games. (Installing, Playing, Rating and User Comments)
  • Game Listings. (Searchable list of workable UNIX games)
  • News about new UNIX game projects or Company’s (Frontpage)
  • UNIX Game Developing Howto’s. (Why, How, When and What ?)
  • Promote UNIX as gaming platform (Internet, Conference’s and Expo’s)
  • Be a central place to introduce UNIX users to games they can play
  • Much and much more

Unixgames.org is an initiative of Niels Leander van Reijmersdal,
because he thinks that if we create a bigger market for UNIX gaming
that the total market share of UNIX platforms will grow, thus meaning more potential costumers for new games/software. Which in the end means better overall support for his favorite platform. This growth could be gained by other means, but he thinks the platform will grow fastest by the gaming industry. Also by introducing more platforms for gaming instead of producing games for “one” platform might introduce good multi platform game programming tools, which will benefit all computer users worldwide. Further more he just likes gaming 😉

Any questions or comments can be directed to our contact page.